AIC Chapter Bylaws

DRAFT PROPOSED 2022 Bylaws (immediately below – with a link to the existing Bylaws below that)


Section 1. Name and Objectives
a. The name of this subunit of The American Fisheries Society, hereinafter referred to as the Society, is the Atlantic International Chapter, hereafter referred to as the Chapter.

b. The objectives of the Chapter are those of the Society as set forth in Article I of the Constitution of the Society, and especially, to encourage exchange of information among members of the Chapter.

c. All activities of this Chapter shall conform to the Society’s Constitution, Rules, and Procedures.

Section 2. Membership
a. The members of the Chapter are Active Members of the Society in good standing that reside in the American states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec, and any other Active Member of the Society specifically requesting membership in the Chapter on a year-to-year basis.

b. Members of the Student Subunit from the University of Maine at Orono (UM) are Chapter members.

c. Members of the Student Subunit for the University of New Hampshire (UNH) are Chapter Members.

d. d. Members of the Quebec Student Subunit for Universities in Quebec are Chapter members.

Section 3. Officers and Executive Committee
a. The Chapter officers are the elected officers — President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, the Immediate Past President, the UM Student Subunit President, the UNH Student Subunit President and the Quebec Student Subunit President.

b. Only Active Members of the Chapter who are active members of the Society may be nominated for or serve in the elected offices of the Chapter.

c. Officers shall be nominated by a nominating committee appointed by the President. The nominating committee can also entertain nominations from the floor at the Chapter’s Annual Business Meeting.

d. The officers are elected at the Annual Business Meeting of the Chapter by a majority of ballots cast by the membership in attendance at the Annual Business Meeting. They are installed at the meeting during which they are elected. At that time, the current President automatically becomes the Immediate Past President. The officers retain office until the next Annual Business Meeting. Officers, except Secretary-Treasurer, may not be elected for successive terms.

e. The Executive Committee of the Chapter is comprised of the elected officers. The Executive Committee is authorized to act on behalf of the Chapter between meetings and to perform appropriate duties and functions.

f. If an elected officer cannot complete the term of the office, the Executive Committee may appoint a qualified replacement to serve out the unexpired term.

g. A quorum is required for transaction of official business at an Executive Committee meeting. A quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall consist of four of the seven members. Executive Committee members can appoint a proxy.

h. Each member of the Executive Committee shall have one vote on Executive Committee decisions. In the event of a tie, the President’s vote shall be the deciding vote.

i. Executive Committee meetings are called by the President and are typically held three times per year (December-January, March, and June-July).

j. In the event of cancellation of the Annual Business Meeting the officers and the members of any appointed committees shall continue to serve until the next scheduled business meeting at which elections may be held.

k. No elected officer or appointed committee member of the Chapter shall receive any salary or other compensation. Expenses may be defrayed from funds available to the Chapter when authorized by the Executive Committee.

Section 4. Meetings and Voting
a. The Chapter shall meet at least once per year. The Executive Committee sets he time and place of the Annual Business Meeting and any other meetings of the Chapter.

b. In an emergency, the Executive Committee may cancel or change the place of the Annual Business Meeting.

c. Fifteen Active Members constitutes a quorum for transaction of Chapter business at Chapter meetings.

d. Unless otherwise specified in these Bylaws or the Constitution of the Society, meetings are conducted according to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

e. Decisions at meetings are by simple majority of Active Members voting, except 2/3 majorities are required in special cases such as amending the Bylaws and suspending a Rule. Other less frequently used voting requirements are described in Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 5. Duties of Officers and Committees
a. The President shall serve on the Executive Committee, preside at all meetings, chair the Executive Committee, appoint all committees, serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee of the Northeast Division and non-voting member of the Governing Board of the Society, coordinate the activities of the Chapter’s standing and technical committees and serve as liaison between such committees and the Executive Committee, conduct official correspondence for the Chapter and present reports of Chapter activities at the annual meeting, and make such appointments and perform other duties and functions as are authorized and necessary.

b. The Vice-President shall serve on the Executive Committee, chair the Program Committee, which has responsibility for the program arrangements at Chapter meetings, and shall assume the duties of the President if the latter is absent or unable to act.

c. The Secretary-Treasurer shall serve on the Executive Committee, keep the official records of the Chapter, submit minutes of the Chapter meetings to the Executive Director of the Society and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Northeast Division within 30 days after each meeting, collect and be custodian of registration fees collected under Section 8 of these Bylaws, and of any funds which may be allotted to the Chapter, disburse funds as authorized by the Executive Committee, submit a record of receipts and disbursements at the Annual Business Meeting, annually update and distribute current copies of the Chapter Bylaws to the Society’s Executive Director and each member of the Chapter Executive Committee by October 1, conduct the annual election of officers, and discharge other duties as requested by the Executive Director of the Society, by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Northeast Division, and by other appropriate Society officers.

d. The immediate Past-President shall serve on the Executive Committee, serve as the chair of the Nominating Committee, and assist the other officers as needed.

e. The UM, UNH and Quebéc Student Subunit Presidents shall serve on the Executive Committee, represent the interest of the Subunit to the Chapter Executive Committee and act as liaison between the Executive Committee and Subunits, work cooperatively with the Chapter’s Executive Committee to assist in Chapter function and Subunit participation, and not advance in the Executive Committee, but instead be replaced yearly by a new Subunit President. The Chapter will fund travel expenses and meeting registration costs for the Student Subunit Presidents that are not paid by the University of Maine, The University of New Hampshire, the Student Subunits, a grant, or other means, so the Student Subunit Presidents may attend the Chapter annual meeting and represent the Subunit on the Chapter Executive Committee. If the Subunit Presidents are unable to attend, the Subunit Presidents may select another Student Subunit officer to serve as a proxy.

f. Committees and Chairpersons of committees, except as listed in Sections 3 and 5 of these Bylaws, shall be appointed and charged by the President. Except for Standing Committees, these Chapter Special Committees shall cease to function upon discharge of the duties for which they were appointed, or the end of the term of the appointing officer.

g. Standing Committees help the President and the Executive Committee conduct the Chapter’s affairs, and the chairs should report their committees’ activities, findings, and recommendations at annual Chapter meetings and interim meetings of the Executive Committee. The Standing Committees will be organized by the chairpersons with assistance from the Executive Committee by the beginning of the Executive Committee meeting following the Annual Chapter Meeting. The chair of each standing committee shall provide a written report to Chapter Executive Committee at the annual Executive Committee meeting held prior to the Annual Business Meeting. In the event an annual meeting is canceled, committee reports shall be published in the newsletter. The term of duty for members of a standing committee shall extend from their appointment to the next Annual Business Meeting, unless otherwise specified.

h. The Chapter has established the following standing committees:

i. An Arrangements Committee shall be responsible for making all arrangements for the annual meeting, exclusive of program, to include lodging, meals, pre-registration, and registration, publicity and any other necessary facilities or equipment.
ii. The Chapter’s Archivist shall be responsible for organizing, maintaining, and storing the Chapter records.
iii. A Membership Committee shall maintain Chapter membership, take appropriate measures to attract new members and maintain accurate account of chapter membership.
iv. A Newsletter Committee shall prepare a minimum of two issues of the Chapter newsletter on a yearly basis (January- February, May-June). The newsletter will provide a mechanism to update Chapter members on Chapter activities, and advocacy and policy issues. The funding for publication and printing will be covered by the Chapter and included in the annual budget. The Chapter webmaster shall be a member of the newsletter committee and is responsible for maintenance of the Chapter web site.
v. A Nominating Committee shall recommend a slate of candidates for office to the Secretary-Treasurer for the Chapter. The Committee shall consist of the immediate Past-President as chair plus at least two members.

Section 6. Amendment of Bylaws
The Bylaws are the defining document for the Chapter and take precedence over all other rules and procedures of the Chapter. The Bylaws cannot be suspended and cannot be changed without prior notice to members.

a. The Bylaws may be amended by a 2/3 majority of Active Members at the Annual Business Meeting in accordance with Section 4 of these Bylaws, provided that the proposed amendment(s) are circulated in writing to the membership at least 30 days prior to voting.

b. In accordance with the Society Constitution, an adopted amendment shall be reviewed by the Society’s Constitutional Consultant for conformity with the Constitution, Rules and Procedures of the Society. The Constitutional Consultant presents the adopted amendment to the Society Governing Board for approval.

c. Amendments take effect when the Chapter receives written notice of their approval by the Governing Board from the Executive Director.

Section 7. Dues and Fees
The membership of the Chapter may establish annual dues for membership in the Chapter. The Executive Committee may assess each registrant attending a meeting of the Chapter a registration fee necessary to cover the costs of the meeting and Chapter activities.

Accepted Revision
September 19, 2022

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